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Tangdu Hospital

Tangdu Hospital was founded in 1939 and is the second affiliated hospital of the Fourth Military Medical University. It is a comprehensive upper first-class hospital, which provides medical treatment, education, research, healthcare and rehabilitation. The hospital covers an area of 280,000 square kilometers and houses over 3,000 beds, 138 clinical departments and 25 medico-technical departments. The hospital boasts advanced large-scale medical equipment including double-row CT linear accelerators, digital gastrointestinal devices, fully digital blood vessel equipment, electron microscopes with a magnification of 80,0000 times, and DNA synthesis analyzers.

With a foundation of numerous medical experts, Tangdu Hospital has developed distinct advances in microwave-induced therapy for bone tumors, boundary location with microelectrode for curing Parkinson disease, interventional therapy for cerebrovascular diseases, microelectrode-guided treatment for drug rehabilitation, diagnosis and treatment of hemorrhagic fever, human-assisted reproduction technology, tunnel esophagogastrostomy therapy for esophageal cancer, lung tumor treatment through radiofrequency hyperthermia ablation, transurethral holmium laser enucleation of the prostate, interventional therapy for central tracheal stenosis, radio frequency therapy for tachy-arrhythmias, interventional therapy for malignant tumors, surgical management of disc herniation, T-tube treatment of laryngeal and upper tracheal stenosis, molecular-targeted combined transplantation therapy for chronic myeloid leukemia in advanced stages and treatment of numerous other critical illnesses.

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Hospital Website: http://tdwww.fmmu.edu.cn

Hospital Phone Numbers: 029-84777777 (Enquiry)     029-84777753 (Emergency Department)

Consultation Hours:

Monday – Friday  8:00 – 11:30 & 14:30 – 17:30

Saturday – Sunday  8:00 – 11:30 & 14:30 – 16:30

(Please bring your passport to the hospital.)


1) Website:http://www.sxhealth.sn.cn/register/hosMain?hosId=61010009

2) WeChat:

Location: No. 1 Xinsi Road, Baqiao District, Xi'an

Transportation: Take Bus No. 42, 508, 401, 927 or 416 and get off at “唐都医院” (Tangdu Hospital);

Take Metro Line 1, get off at “纺织城” (Fangzhicheng) and depart from Exit B.

If you need language help for medical consultation, please call Shaanxi Multilanguage Call Center 400-161-6820.