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Xi'an Honghui Hospital

Xi'an Honghui Hospital, founded in 1911, is the earliest public hospital in Xi'an. The hospital now houses 1,312 beds, among which 1,000 are for orthopedic patients, 3 sub-hospitals, 5 medical centers and 51 clinical departments. Its orthopedics is a national key discipline, offering 12 majors to students and 21 clinical departments to patients. With multiple disciplines, it is a comprehensive upper first-class hospital and provides medical treatment, education, research and rehabilitation.

Taking full advantage of its specialties, Xi'an Honghui Hospital takes the lead in northwestern region in successively providing surgeries such as reattachment of severed fingers, artificial joint replacement, whole vertebral resection and correction, artificial vertebral disc replacement, arthroscopic surgery, and reattachment of avulsion fractured fingers. Moreover, the hospital has self-developed special medicines including Three-flower Paste and Paste for Vein Relaxation and Blood Circulation. Its department of orthopedics is a national key clinical specialty. Its department of orthopedics of traditional Chinese medicine is ratified as a national key nurturing specialty in the 12th Five-Year Plan period. Its department of orthopedics of traditional Chinese medicine combined with western medicine is rated as a Shaanxi key TCM specialty. Its departments of spine surgery, joint surgery and trauma orthopedics are on the list of Xi'an key medical specialties. Thus Xi'an Honghui Hospital has been awarded a title of the “Leading Orthopedic Specialist in Western China”.

Intervertebral Disc and Deformity Treatment Osteoporosis (Rheumatology) Minimally Invasive Surgery Neurology Cervical Spine Treatment Respiratory Medicine and Gastroenterology Lumbar Spine Treatment Cardiology Special Clinic (General Spine Treatment) Peripheral Vascular Medicine Hip Joint Treatment General Surgery Knee Joint Treatment Urologic Surgery Osteonecrosis Treatment and Joint Reconstruction Thoracic Surgery Upper Limb Treatment Cerebral Surgery Lower Limb Treatment Functional Neurosurgery Pelvics Treatment Obstetrics and Gynecology Osteopathic Oncology Otolaryngology Hand Surgery Ophthalmology Bone Restoration Microsurgery Intensive Care Medicine Psychiatry Manual Reposition Room Knee and Ankle Treatment Dermatology Shoulder and Elbow Treatment Pediatrics Ankle Surgery Diagnosis and Treatment Center Stomatology Children Orthopedics Diagnosis and Treatment Center Diagnosis and Treatment Center of Orthopedics of Traditional Chinese Medicine Orthopedics of Traditional Chinese Medicine Combined with Western Medicine

Hospital Website: http://www.xahhyy.com

Hospital Phone Numbers: 18802940114 (Outpatient Enquiry, 8:00 – 18:00)    15129265553 (Night Shift Service, 18:00 – 8:00)

Consultation Hours:

Monday – Friday    8:00 (Expert 8:30) – 12:00 & 14:00 (14:30 in summer) – 17:30

Saturday & Sunday      8:30 – 12:00 & 13:00 – 16:30

(Please bring your passport to the hospital.)


1) Website: http://www.xahhyy.com/wsgh.aspx

2) Telephone: 029-8780002

3) WeChat:

Location: No. 555 Youyi East Road, Beilin District, Xi'an

Transportation: Take Bus No. 12, 14, 26, 46, 215, 239, 603, 609 or 709 and get off at “南稍门” (Nanshao Gate);

Take Metro Line 2, get off at “南稍门” (Nanshao Gate) and depart from Exit D.

If you need language help for medical consultation, please call Shaanxi Multilanguage Call Center 400-161-6820.